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Pest Management:

Find here downloadable product label sample copies & material safety data sheet copies.

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Code: Product name: Label: MSDS:
F-05 Subdue MAXX
F-18 Cleary 3336F
F-22 Mancozeb DG
F-23 Manicure 6F
F-24 Bac-Master
F-24b Agri-mycin 17
F-29 Mancozeb 4 Flowable
F-30 Subdue GR
F-31 Banner MAXX
F-33 Bayleton
F-35 Eagle 20EW
F-36 Champ Formula 2 Flowable
F-36b Kocide 4.5LF
F-37Rubigan A.S.
F-39 T-Storm Flowable
F-40 Spectator
F-41 Junction
F-42 Agri-Fos; w/Pentra-Bark fact sheet (also see Z-19)
F-43 Pentathlon LF
F-44 Immunox
F-45 Manzate flowable
F-46 Badge SC
F-47 Reliant
F-48 Ag Streptomycin
F-49 Captan 4L
F-50 Harbour
F-51 Phyton 27
I-08 Malathion 5 EC
I-12 Acephate Pro 75
I-20 Avid 0.15 EC
I-24 Tempo SC Ultra
I-32 Sevin SL
I-34 Horticultural Oil
I-38 Mert 75 WSP
I-39 Systemic Insecticide (Merit)
I-40 TalstarOne
I-41 Astro
I-43 Dursban Pro
I-45 Conserve SC
I-47 Demand CS
I-48 Battle GC
I-51 Floramite SC/LS
I-52 Tempo 20 WP
I-53 Permethrin G-Pro
I-54 Lesco-Fate
I-55 Onyx
I-56 Bifenthrin Pro
I-57 TriStar 30SG
I-58 Tempo Ultra WP
I-59 Distance
I-60 Talus 40SC
I-61 Safai 20 SG
I-62 CrossCheck Plus
I-63 Acephate 97UP
I-64 Lesco Bandit 2F
L-02 Preen
L-07 Roundup Pro
L-08 Fusilade II: T&O
L-09 Scythe
L-10 Treflan 5G
L-12 Jomax
L-13 Algaefix
L-14 Florel Growth Regulator
L-15 Apogee
L-16 Oryzalin 4 Pro
L-17 Gallex
L-19 Roundup Pro Max
M-02 Inject-A-Cide B
M-03 Imisol
M-04 Imicide
M-05 Abacide
M-06 Abasol
M-07 Fungisol
M-09 Tebuject
M-10 Mycoject
M-12 ArborFos
M-13 TREE-äge
M-14 ArborMectin(Rotam
M-15 ArborMectin
T-04 Trimec Classic
T-10 Super Trimec
T-20 Banner MAXX
T-38 Pre-M 0.86% + 0-0-7
T-39 Tupersan 4.6G
T-40 Acclaim Extra
T-41 Three-Way Selective Herbicide
T-42 Three-Way Ester II
T-43 Eliminate
T-44 Merit 0.5G
T-46 Bayleton1G
T-48 Trimec 992
T-50 Dylox 6.2
T-51 Revere 10G
T-52 Dimension 0.1G +0-0-7
T-53 Turflon II Amine
T-54 Trimec Plus
T-55 Prodigy Signature 80DG
T-56 Touche' EG
T-57 Mancozeb DG
T-58 Tempo Ultra WP
T-59 Pre-M 1.5G + 0-0-8
T-60 Eagle 20EW
T-61 Mach 2 1.33G
T-63 Eliminate D
T-64 Momentum FX 2
T-65 QuickSilver T&O Herbicide
T-66 Speedzone
T-67 Triamine II
T-68 Talstar .069G +0-0-7
T-69 Chaser Turf Herbicide
T-70 Allectus G  
T-71 Dacthal Flowable
T-77 Eliminate LO  
T-78 Tenacity  
T-79 Acelepryn .2G
T-81 Turflon ester
T-82 Sedgehammer
T-83 Sethoxydim E-Pro
T-84 Barricade 4FL
T-85 Corsair
T-86 Q4 Plus
T-87 CrossCheck Plus
T-88 T-Zone SE
T-89 PowerZone
T-90 Cool Power
T-91 Headway G
T-92 Prophesy .72G

Note. Hardcopies of all pest management materials are available on request.

Non Registered Turf Products (labels, MSDS & fact sheets where available...):

Code: Product name: Label: MSDS: Fact Sheet
Y-01 Limestone; Pelleted    
Y-02 Limestone; Pelletized      
Y-03 Limestone; Pelletized      
Y-04 10-6-4 (Greenskeeper): 50% slow release Nitrogen +1% Iron
Y-05 16-25-12 (ProScape): 45% Meth-Ex 40 Nitrogen +1% Iron  
Y-07 22-0-12 (NX-Pro) 50% Meth-Ex Sulfate of Potash  
Y-08 25-0-5 (Lebanon) (MESA): 1% Iron, 51% slow release Nitrogen
Y-09 23-4-8 (ProScape): 70% Meth-Ex 40 Nitrogen +1% Iron
Y-10 4-0-10 Perk + 10% Iron
Y-11 18-24-12  
Y-12 0-0-62  
Y-13 14-14-14 plus micros (Lebanon; Woodace); 58% Controlled released Nitrogen
Y-14 0-46-0 Super Phosphate      
Y-15 Ferrous Sulfate      
Y-16 Elemental Sulfur 99.5% #12 screened      
Y-17 Aluminum Sulfate      
Y-18 Maganese Sulfate 28%      
Y-19 Magnesium Sulfate 36%      
Y-20 Milorganite; 4% Iron  
Y-21 PennMulch
Y-22 6-1-11 (ProScape ) (MESA): + 7% Iron  
Y-25 Lebanon ProScape 20-0-5 MESA
Y-26 20-15-10    

Non Registered Products (labels, MSDS & fact sheets where available...):

Code: Product name: Label: MSDS: Fact Sheet
Z-01 Spreader Sticker  
Z-02 Lesco-Sol Tank Cleaner    
Z-03 Transfilm Antitranspirant  



Z-04 20-20-20  


Z-05 16-32-16  


Z-06 Chelated Micro-Mix  
Z-07 Chelated Iron + 12-0-0  
Z-08 Essential Plus 1-0-1
Z-09 Lesco-Wet Plus  
Z-10 Super Thrive    
Z-39 BioNutrients Total-Pak  



Z-12 Companion

Plus, (if required):

Z-13 pH Reducer    
Z-30 Phosphite 0-29-26  


Z-14 Inject-A-Min Iron/Zinc  
Z-15 10-52-17; Starter    
Z-16 Nutri-Acid Soil Conditioner (Acidifier)    
Z-17 Bio-Plex transplant concentrate    
Z-18 Viterra Gelscape    
Z-19 Pentra-Bark
Z-22 Wilt Stop  
Z-37 Regulaid