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Pest Management:

Find here downloadable product label sample copies & material safety data sheet copies.

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Note. Hardcopies of all pest management materials are available on request.

Fungicides and Bactericides for Use on Ornamentals

Code: Product Title: Label: MSDS:
F-05 Subdue Maxx
F-18 Cleary 3336F*
F-22 Mancozeb DG*
F-23 Manicure 6F
F-30 Subdue GR
F-31 Banner Maxx II
F-35 Eagle 20EW*
F-36 Champ Formula 2F
F-42 Fungi-Phite
F-43 Pentathlon LF*
F-45 Manzate Flowable
F-46 Badge SC
F-47 Reliant
F-49 Captan 4L
F-50 Harbour
F-51 Phyton 27
F-52 Manzate Max T&O*
F-53 Flint Extra
F-54 Brandt Turfzilla

Insecticides and Miticides for Use on Ornamentals

Code: Product Title: Label: MSDS:
I-08 Malathion 5EC
I-20 Avid .15EC
I-24 Tempo SC Ultra*
I-32 Sevin SL
I-34 Horticultural Oil
I-38 Merit 75WSP*
I-41 Astro*
I-45 Conserve SC
I-47 Demand CS
I-51 Floramite SC/LS
I-58 Tempo Ultra WP*
I-59 Distance
I-61 Safari 20SC*
I-62 CrossCheck Plus*
I-63 Acephate 97UP*
I-64 Bandit 2F*
I-65 Zylam*
I-66 Tristar 8.5SL*
I-67 Mainspring GNL*
I-68 Magister SC Miticide
I-69 Akari 5SC

Landscape Use Products

Code: Product Title: Label: MSDS:
L-02 Preen
L-08 Fusilade II T&O
L-09 Scythe Herbicide
L-10 Treflan 5G
L-14 Florel Growth Regulator
L-15 Apogee
L-16 Oryzalin 4
L-19 Roundup ProMax
L-20 Kudos 27.5 WDG
L-21 Ornamec Over-the-Top Grass Herbicide
L-22 Dimension 2EW
L-23 Pre-M 3.3EC
L-24 Prosecutor Pro

Direct Trunk Injection Insecticides, Fungicides and Bactericides

Code: Product Title: Label: MSDS:
M-02 Inject-A-Cide B*
M-03 Imisol*
M-04 Imicide*
M-07 Fungisol*
M-09 Tebuject*
M-12 ArborFos*
M-14 ArborMectin*
M-15 ArborMectin*
M-16 Mectinite*
M-17 TREE-äge G4
M-18 TREE-äge R10

Turf: Insecticides, Herbicides and Fungicides

Code: Product Title: Label: MSDS:
Code: Product Name:
T-04 Trimec Classic
T-10 Super Trimec
T-20 Banner MAX II
T-38 Pre-M .86G + 0-0-7
T-39 Tupersan 4.6G
T-40 Acclaim Extra
T-41 Three-Way Selective Herbicide
T-42 Three Way Ester II
T-44 Merit .5G*
T-46 Bayleton FLO
T-48 Trimec 992
T-50 Dylox 6.2G
T-55 Prodigy Signature 80DG
T-56 4 Flowable Mancozeb*
T-57 Mancozeb DG*
T-58 Tempo Ultra WP*
T-59 Pre-M 1.5G + 0-0-8
T-60 Eagle 20EW*
T-65 QuickSilver T&O Herbicide
T-66 Speed Zone
T-69 Chaser Turf Herbicide*
T-77 Eliminate LO
T-78 Tenacity
T-79 Acelepryn G*
T-81 Turflon Ester
T-82 Sedgehammer
T-84 Barricade 4FL
T-86 Q4 Plus
T-87 CrossCheck Plus*
T-88 T Zone SE*
T-89 Power Zone
T-90 Cool Power
T-91 Headway G
T-92 Prophesy .72G
T-93 SquareOne Herbicide*
T-94 Lebanon Team 2G
T-95 Lebanon Team 20-0-7 with Trimec
T-96 Lesco CrossCheck EZ Granular
T-97 Mesco 4 SC Select

Non Registered Turf Products

Code: Product Title: Label: MSDS: Fact Sheets:
Y-05 Lebanon; ProScape; 16-25-12; 25%Mesa
Y-08 Lebanon; ProScape; 25-0-5; 51%Mesa+5%S & 1%Fe
Y-13 Lebanon; Woodace; 14-14-14; 75%Meth-Ex+1%Mg,4%S,1%Fe & .5%Mn
Y-15 Ferrous Sulfate
Y-16 Elemental Sulfur 99.5% #12 screened
Y-17 Aluminum Sulfate
Y-18 Maganese Sulfate 28%
Y-19 Magnesium Sulfate 36%
Y-20 Milorganite; 4% Iron
Y-21 PennMulch
Y-25 Lebanon; ProScape; 20-0-5; 30%Mesa+2.3%S & 1%Fe
Y-28 Lebanon; Country Club; 25-0-15; 50%Mesa+5%S & 1%Fe
Y-29 Lebanon; Country Club; 29-0-10; 36%Mesa+4.2%S
Y-30 Solu-Cal; 38% Calcium
Y-31 Solu-Cal PLUS

Non Registered Products

Hydro-Injection Products

Code: Product Title: Label: MSDS: Fact Sheets:
Z-04 MacroN Sprayable Fertilizer 20-20-20


Z-05 MacroN Sprayable Fertilizer 16-32-16


Z-06 Chelated Micro-Mix
Z-07 Chelated Iron + 12-0-0
Z-08 Essential Plus 1-0-1
Z-09 Lesco Wet Plus
Z-10 Super Thrive
Z-39 Bio Nutrients Total-Pak


Z-13 pH Reducer
Z-30 TKO Phosphite 0-29-26

Code: Product Title: Label: MSDS: Fact Sheets:
Z-01 Spreader Sticker
Z-02 Lesco-Sol Tank Cleaner
Z-03 Transfilm Anti Transpirant
Z-11 PHC Bio Pak
Z-15 10-52-17; Starter
Z-16 Acidifier
Z-19 Pentra-Bark
Z-20 Regulaid
Z-22 Wilt Stop
Z-23 Lesco Encase
Z-24 Wilt Pruf
Z-41 Sulfur 90% Disper-Sul
Z-44 DeFoamer

* (Restricted use product...)