Neighbor Notification to occupants of abutting properties giving prior notification of certain pesticide applications on my client’s property.

Note exceptions which are exempt from notification requirements:
-Granular applications
-Horticultural oil sprays
-Certain low risk liquid formulations as approved by NYS DEC
-Applications made more than 150’ from the abutting property
-Applications made with 1 Qt or less application equipment (spot treatments)

The language of the required written notification must include the following:

“This notice is to inform you of a pending lawn care pesticide application to a neighboring property. You may wish to take precautions to minimize pesticide exposure to yourself, family members, pets or family possessions. Further information about the product or products being applied, including any warnings that appear on the labels of such pesticide or pesticides that are pertinent to the protection of humans, animals or the environment, can be obtained by calling the National Pesticide Telecommunications Network at 1 800-858-7378 or the New York State Department of Health Center for Environmental Health information line at 1-800-458-1158.”

The notification must include the company name, address, phone # & Certified Applicator # of the contractor providing the application.

The notification must include the address of the projected application.

The notification must provide the possible dates of an application. Each possible application date can include up to two alternative application dates.

The notification must include a list of the possible pesticide product(s) & their EPA registration number(s) of the projected application.

The notification must be delivered within 48 hours of an application.

The abutting neighbor may also sign a waiver provided by me to:
1) Request that prior notification is not required.
2) Request more detailed notification by receiving more accurate notification by e-mail the day prior to a projected application. And if requested, receive more detailed product data, including access to product Labels & MSDS.

Neighbor Notification Waiver Letter:

48 Hr. Neighbor Notification (if no waiver is received):

Neighbor Notification Waiver: