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Pest Management: Spring Letter

Spring '07

To our customers who have received a 2007 Grounds Maintenance Schedule and Proposal:

Please sign & return one copy ASAP of the 2007 Grounds Maintenance Schedule and Proposal, to confirm. Current weather conditions have necessitated that some of the early items listed be applied soon.
Note: I’m unable to proceed with any application services prior to receiving a copy of this maintenance schedule with your signature.

*Please continue to refer to my company web site: This is where you’ll go to view my pesticide label sample copies, etc., and to enlarge & print them out if you wish. This is a much more effective method for me to provide you with this information should it be of interest to you. If this method of viewing my data (which is your right to have access to) proves to be too difficult, please let me know and I’ll provide you with the hard copies of the labels in question.

*Please note that the dates listed for pest control items dates are approximate. Each noted application is preceded by an estimated period (i.e., Early, Mid or Late; each representing 10 days) of a given month but ideal ‘control conditions’ could still cause this to vary. If you need pre-notification prior to an application on your property, it is necessary to request this service with the confirmation of your ‘Grounds Maintenance Schedule and Proposal’

* The Label Codes apply to the codes representing products I have available that can be used for the listed pest. I will choose one (or any combination) of these products that I decide will produce the most effective control at the time of application. You are, in effect, allowing me to make this decision. Note that all code data is easily available for your viewing/printing out on my web site.

* A item price quoted as ‘(OPEN)’ indicates that, because of unknown factors (i.e.: severity of infestation, number of plants to be treated, the volume of control material needed, etc.) makes it difficult to establish a firm quote prior to application. The resulting charge will be determined by the actual time and materials involved. In some cases quoted prices may also vary because of changes of control recommendations.
I employ this method because I practice I.P.M.and believe it promotes responsible pest control usage. However, the NYS DEC mandates that I provide an advanced firm dollar amount for every proposed application listed on the contract/proposal. Because of this conflict, I'll need my clients wishing for me to continue to provide these services to inital the waiver on the proposal regarding your acceptance of my method of handleing this issue. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any item on your ‘Grounds Maintenance Schedule and Proposal’, please feel free to contact me.

* Note that there may be suggested items included on your proposal that won’t be necessary. They are included here only because I recognize that there either has been a history of an infestation on your site or that I know it’s a plant (or turf area) that has a ‘risk’ of infestation. These items are to be addressed only if necessary. Having the paper work in place will simplify the compliance process.

* Before making any scheduled application, I will always scout the host site to determine if going forward with any further effort is necessary.

* I’ll combine separate control items when I’m able to do so effectively. (Which results in a substantial savings...)

*If you have e-mail capacity, please forward me your e-mail address as I find this a very convenient method for communication

I look forward to working on your property this season and as always, I appreciate your continued patronage.
Thank you.


Thomas A. Ewart, owner