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Pest Management: Label Reference Kit


This kit contains the sample labels & MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) of all the pest control products currently available for use by Love Arboreal. These label samples are provided for your information in compliance with NYS DEC regulations. This information is intended to be used as a reference for as long as you use Love Arboreal to provide any pest control measures to your turf, ornamentals & landscape. You are certainly under no obligation to view this information if you choose not to. Thank you.

Thomas A. Ewart,
Commercial Pesticide Applicator; Category 3A
Certification ID# C8-109125
Love Arboreal
Business Registration Certification #04049

The labels are organized into the following categories:

Code: Description
F Fungicides And Bactericides For Use On Ornamentals
I Insecticides And Miticides For Use On Ornamentals
L Landscape Use Products
M Direct Trunk Injection: Insecticides, Fungicides And Bactericides
T Turf: Insecticides, Herbicides And Fungicides

How to use this "Label Reference Kit"

1) Refer to the 'Label Codes' on your 'Grounds Maintenance Schedule and Proposal' to establish the pesticide options scheduled for possible use on your property this season. And refer to the 'Please take Notice' card left in your door at the time of application, which will inform you of the exact pest control product applied.

2) Using the 'Label Code', find the corresponding sample pesticide label in this 'Label Reference Kit'. Please note that you'll need to have Adobe 'Reader' on your computer to view these labels. If needed, just click on the Adobe icon on my home page or on the Label & MSDS page to download this software.

3) If you choose to, read the sample pesticide label to find any pertinent information regarding its use for the pest(s) to be controlled. You can also enlarge the print size of these labels easily and print out a copy for your records, if you'd like.

4) If, for any reason you have a concern regarding the use of any of the possible controls noted on your 'Grounds Maintenance Schedule and Proposal' being used on your property, please contact Love Arboreal prior to the scheduled application.

5) To quickly view certain data regarding these pest control products, you might also want to view my ' Master List' which provides "the basics" .I.E., Code, Product Name, EPA Registration #, Precautionary Statement, Active Ingredient(s), Uses, NYS Restricted Use? (However, this is not intended to be used as a substitute for the actual label.)