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Pest Management: Applications with PPI's & GDD's

Find here a listing of approximate dates for applications and the pests to be addressed. Also note (when the data is available) the PPIs (Phenology) & the GDDs (Growing Degree Days) which correspond to the most efficient window of opportunity for effective control. Since insects, fungi, etc. don't read calendars, rather develop as our growing season & its accumulated temperatures progress, these figures provide a much more accurate method of scheduling effective applications.

Phenology (PPI) refers to a plant that will be in peak bloom at the most optimum window of opportunity. Growing Degree Days (GDD) refers to a method of measuring accumulated temperatures during the growing season.

I plan to post weekly updates of the GDD for the Rochester area on this page from March 15th to the conclusion on the growing season.

Summary for week ending: 09/11/07
GDD reading for Rochester, NY: 2490


E. :(Early; 1-10)
M. :(Mid; 11-20)
L. :(Late; 21-31)

Dates: Item: PPI (Phenology): GDD:
L.Mar-M.May Horticultural oil 7-248
M.Mar-L.Apr Fire blight, copper spray
M.Apr-E.May Fungus control #1
M.Apr Black turpentine beetle, (early)
M.-L.Apr Spruce gall adelgid Japanese Quince 22-81
L.Apr-E.May Hemlock woolly adelgid, (early) Japanese Quince
L.Apr-M.May Fire blight, (early blossom spray)
L.Apr-M.May Honey locust plant bug Box Elder 58-246
L.Apr-M.May Fungus control #2
L.Apr-M.May Turf weeds, (very early)
L.Apr-M.May Growth regulator, (early)
E.-L.May Fire blight, (blossom spray)
E.-L.May Growth regulator, (mid)
E.-L.May Fungus control #3
M.-L.May Growth regulator, (late)
M.May Systemic insect controls
M.May Viburnum leaf beetle, (larva) Redbud 80-120
M.May Phytophthora root rot, (early)    
M.May Landscape weed control, (early)    
M.May-M.Jun Black vine weevil, (adults)   148-400
M.-L.May Birch leaf miner, (early) Flowering Dogwood 190-290
M.-L.May Spruce spider mite, (early) Redbud 192-363
M.-L.May Boxwood mite   245-600
M.-L.May Black turpentine beetle, (late)    
M.-L.May Boxwood psyllid Laburnum alpinum 290-440
M.May-E.Jun Boxwood leaf miner, (early) Kousa Dogwood 350-600
E.-M.Jun Bronze birch borer, (early) Kousa Dogwood 440-700
E.-M.Jun Pieris lace bug, (early) Kousa Dogwood 448-618
M.-L.Jun Birch leaf miner, (late)   530-700
M.Jun-E.Jul Euonymus scale,(crawlers; early) Kousa Dogwood 533-820
M.Jun-M.Jul Pieris lace bug, (late) Spiraea bumalda 618+
L.Jun-E.Jul Bronze birch borer, (late) Kousa Dogwood 700-880
L.Jun-E.Jul Juniper scale, (crawlers) Mock Orange 707-1260
E.Jul Viburnum leaf beetle, (adults; early)    
M.Jul Japanese beetles, (early)   1029-1500
M.Jul Hemlock woolly adelgid, (late) Goldenrain Tree  
M.-L.Jul Euonymus scale, (crawlers, late) Abelia 1150-1388
M.Jul Boxwood leaf miner, (late Littleleaf Linden 1200-2400
M.-L.Aug Japanese beetles, (late)   1500-2154
M.-L.Aug Viburnum leaf beetle, (adults; late)    
M.-L.Aug Landscape weed control, (late)    
L.Aug-M.Sep Spruce spider mite, (late) Witch hazel 2375-2806
E.Sep Phytophthora root rot, (late)
M.Sep Magnolia scale, (crawlers; early)
E.Oct Magnolia scale, (crawlers; late )