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Pest Management: Application Label Codes (2006)

E. :(Early; 1-10)
M. :(Mid; 11-20)
L. :(Late; 21-31)

Find here a listing of approximate dates for applications, pests to be addressed & label codes for products labeled for controlling these pests.

Date: Item: Label Code:
L.Mar-M.May Horticultural oil I-34
M.Apr-E.May Pre-emergent annual weeds: T-38,39,52,59
M.Mar-L.Apr Fire blight, copper spray F-36
M.Apr Fungus control #1 F-18,22,23,29,31,33,35-37,39-41
M.Apr Black turpentine beetle, (early) I-41,53, 55, M-1
M.-L.Apr Spruce gall adelgid I-32,34,38,39,56
L.Apr-E.May Hemlock woolly adelgid, (early) I-34,38,39,56, M-4
L.Apr-E.May Fire blight, (early blossom spray) F-24,36, 41, M-10             
L.Apr-M.May Honey locust plant bug I-24,40,52,56
L.Apr-M.May Fungus control #2 F-18,22,23,29,31,33,35-37,39-41
L.Apr-M.May Turf weeds, (very early) T-4,10,33,40-43,48,53,54,63-67,69
L.Apr-M.May Growth regulator, (early) L-14,15
E.-L.May Fire blight, (blossom spray) F-24,36, M-10
E.-L.May Growth regulator, (mid) L-14,15
E.-L.May Fungus control #3 F-18,22,23,29,31,33,35-37,39-41
M.-L.May Growth regulator, (late) L-14,15
M.May Systemic insect controls I-38,39, M-3,4
M.May Viburnum leaf beetle, (larva) I-38,39,45
M.May Phytophthora root rot, (early) F-5,22,23,29,30,36,42, M-12
M.May Landscape weed control, (early) L-2,7-10,16
M.May-M.Jun Black vine weevil, (adults) I-12,24,38,39,40,47,48,54-56
M.-L.May Birch leaf miner, (early) I-8,12,32,40,41,53,54-56, M-2
M.-L.May Spruce spider mite, (early) I-8,20,24,34,45,47,48,51,55, M-2,5,6
M.-L.May Boxwood mite I-8,20,45,47,48,51,55
M.-L.May Black turpentine beetle, (late) I-41,53,55
M.-L.May Boxwood psyllid I-32,34,38-40,56
M.May-E.Jun Boxwood leaf miner, (early) I-8,20,40,45,47,48,55
L.May-E.Jun Pre-emergent annual weeds(late) T-38,39,52,59
L.May-E.Jun Turf weeds, (early) T-4,10,33,40-43,48,53,54,63-67,69
L.May-M.Jun Turf insects, (early) T-44,61,68,70
E.-M.Jun Bronze birch borer, (early) I-38,39,41,43,53,55
E.-M.Jun Pieris lace bug, (early) I-8,12,24,32,34,40,41,47,48,52-56
M.-L.Jun Birch leaf miner, (late) I-12,54,55                                        
M.Jun-E.Jul Euonymus scale,(crawlers; early) I-8,12,24,32,34,40,47,48,52,54
M.Jun-M.Jul Pieris lace bug, (late) I-8,12,24,32,34,40,41,47,48,52-56
M.Jun-E.Aug Post-emergent annual weed grasses T-40,54
L.Jun-E.Jul Bronze birch borer, (late) I-38,39,41,43,53,55, M-2,4
L.Jun-E.Jul Juniper scale, (crawlers) I-8,12,24,32,34,40,47,48,52,54
E.Jul Viburnum leaf beetle, (adults; early) I-43?
M.Jul Japanese beetles, (early) I-8,12,24,32,40,41,47,48,52-56
M.Jul Hemlock woolly adelgid, (late) I-34?,40
M.-L.Jul Euonymus scale, (crawlers, late) I-8,12,24,32,34,40,47,48,52,54
M.-L.Jul Post-emergent annual weeds(late) T-40,54
M.Jul Boxwood leaf miner, (late) I-8,20,40,45,47,48,55
M.-L.Aug Japanese beetles, (late) I-8,12,24,32,40,41,47,48,52-56
M.-L.Aug Viburnum leaf beetle, (adults; late) I-43?
M.-L.Aug Landscape weed control, (late) L-7-10,16
L.Aug-M.Sep Spruce spider mite, (late) I-8,20,24,34,45,47,48,51,55,56
L.Aug-M.Sep Turf insects, (late) T-50,61,68
E.Sep Phytophthora root rot, (late) F-5,22,23,29,30,36,42, M-12
M.Sep Magnolia scale, (crawlers; early) I-8,12,24,32,34,38-40,47,48,52,54    
M.-L.Sep. Turf weeds, (late) T-4,10,33,40-43,47,48,53,54,62-67
E.Oct Magnolia scale, (crawlers; late ) I-8,12,24,32,34,38-40,47,48,52,54
M.-L.Nov Turf fungus control T-20,46,51,55-57,60