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Pest Management: Compliance letter


In compliance with the NYS DEC I am providing you with access to my 'Label Reference Kit'. This is for your information and reference, should you wish to use it.

The DEC requires that certified applicators provide the homeowner with a copy of the label of the control being used prior to application. This kit includes label copies for ALL the possible controls available for use by Love Arboreal. Obviously, most will not apply to your property. Others may be added or omitted in the future. These labels have a reference code. These codes correspond to the label code on your Grounds Mainteance Schedule and Proposal. If more than one code is listed, it indicates that for any number of possible reasons, I may elect to use one or more of these control options.

Your estimate does not list a specific date of application, rather a more open time frame. The application will be made at the most effective time based on climate, pest development, etc.

Thank you.
Thomas A. Ewart,