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Dormant season; '07-'08:

Yeah Yeah... I know. Not much upgrading this year. I'll try to do better. Maybe this winter I'll put together a whole season's ' to do' list for garden maintenance considerations, instead of breaking it down by month. Then, I can edit just for special notes/updates. Makes more sense...

I'll get on it ASAP. OK?

I've got the usual spring maintenance items in front of me; pre-emergent annual weed control on my turf, horticultural oil sprays, early spring fungicide sprays, some early turf broadleaf weed control, turf fertilization, etc., etc. Hopefully, I'll have some days not suited for these application duties where I can do some custom jobs that have been on hold since the dormant season. Getting the shop organized, all the equipment de-winterized and ready to go, checking inventory, getting out all my maintenance proposals has kept me busy. The 'Neighbor Notification' law continues to be a difficult issue to deal with, but we're working on it the best we can. I'm hoping that neighbors that consider this a real issue and want a more accurate option for notification will consider signing the 'Waiver' I've provided here. (See under Pest Management on my Navigation bar...) This way, I'll be able to legally provide the neighbor by e-mail with the actual day of application, the actual product used and access to view Label & MSDS copies if they're interested. I think this much more useful then the 'shotgun' approach of mailing out a bunch of dates & products as I'm forced to do if a 48hr. mailed notification is demanded.

I've started listing the GDD (Growing Degree Days) for Rochester for this season & will attempt to keep it updated weekly. Very useful when considering pinpointing the best application time for many of our pest problems. If you got to use a pesticide; do it at the proper time, using the proper material & make sure it's necessary!

Also, on my website, I've added lots of data regarding non-registered (non pesticide) products. Now you will be able to view product Labels, MSDS & Fact Sheets for the fertilizers, conditioners, hydrofertilizing products, etc. Check it out by just scrolling down on my current Label & MSDS page under Pest Management.

It's always good to see spring keep it's promise and see those tight buds finally open up with their show. Enjoy it.

Remember; ...yeah, there's always a lot of work waiting for us in our yards & gardens every spring, but please try to just take some time to sit back and enjoy the show! Take a Sunday and drive to one of our parks or public gardens (see Links; Homeowner) and get inspired!!! Or take the drive to Sodus along Lake Road and check out all the fruit trees when they're in blossom. And, if you don't want to burn the gasoline to go that far, you can visit The Stone- Tolan House apple orchard (2370 East Avenue) and view the blossoms on The Landmark Society's heirloom apple tree collection. (Very cool!) You can even nail down the known varieties of this little orchard by downloading my orchard layout; See Other Stuff; Places to Visit)


Keep smiling!