And thank you for your support on this issue! I think it shows that when intelligence prevails and people really look at what this proposal will actually accomplish, it's difficult to support.

     I'm seeing this now as a 'non issue' that has got out of hand.
1) Pesticide drift outside of the customers' property is already against the law.
2) The Monroe County Health Director recently publicly stated that there hasn't been any history of drift complaints in recent years.
3) Our industry has already offered to provide advanced notification to adjacent neighbors of their customers without the passing of this law. (I've got an example of a notice & response card I composed for this purpose on my web site that I plan on providing as needed this season. Please review it & let me know what you think...)
4) The products allowed in NYS for 'turf & ornamental' use have been tested thoroughly by Cornell University over many years regarding their use in NYS and any possible connection with cancer concerns. These results were not a surprise to me as I'm aware that the manufactures of these products must spend millions & take years testing before a product can be awarded a label for use and be registered with EPA.
But, NYS demanded further testing, to determine if a relationship exists between the USE of these products and instances of (breast) cancer in our state. The results have determined that there is no connection. And frankly, I would not be offering these services otherwise. Not only out of concern for the health of my customers and their families, but for my own health! Believe it or not, I feel that 'my life' is more important than maintaining my customers properties & the income I receive from providing these services...)

     Brian Eshenauer, Horticulture Program Leader from the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County called me recently and said that because of his position in his organization he had to maintain a public neutral stance on the issue. BUT, if any of the legislator body wanted to contact him on a 'one on one' basis, he'd be glad to let them know how this law would affect IPM (Integrated Pest Management).

If you know of any additional parties (neighbors, colleagues, etc.) that you could direct to my web site for further review on this issue, it would be greatly appreciated!

We need an aggressive petition response over the next few weeks to make the necessary impact!

Let’s let our legislators know that we want any new legislation that’s designed to protect ourselves & our environment, to be one that has some real substance! There are better directions we could (& should) be considering!

Thanks again!