Subject: 48-Hour Advance Notification for Commercial
& Homeowner Lawn Care Pesticide Applications

Summary: 48 Hour Notification for Pesticide Application, requires 48 hours advance notification to Property owners within 150 feet of a commercial pesticide spray application. Proposed law also mandates homeowners who themselves do crabgrass, weed, grub and other turf & ornamental pest control treatments must post signs, and are urged to notify neighbors of such treatments in advance. Monetary penalties are provided for non-compliance. For homeowner do-it-yourselfers, $250, and for commercial applicators, up to $25,000 and prison.

When interviewed, local legislators supporting this bill indicated that they thought it "was what the people wanted."*, presumably due to its appearance as an environmentally friendly" legislation (to those without prior knowledge of IPM practices) and that they wanted to be on the record as supporting environmental causes.
YOU will receive notification from your neighbors' turf & ornamental care companies whenever your neighbors (and their neighbors..) are about to obtain a treatment, and they will be notified every time your property is treated. On a typical suburban lot this may include 12-18 other properties..
The bill's justification is that it is an effort to control exposure to spray drift by requiring all neighboring properties be notified in advance of treatment, so that those homeowners can make the necessary provisions.

* The perception that "people want" 48-Hour prior notification for pest control treatments to neighboring properties is the message to legislators from a number of environmental activist groups.

Ironically, this "environmentally friendly" bill would have a disastrous impact on pest management programs that try to minimize pesticide usage through timely inspections and spot treatment techniques, using products with minimal or no residual effect. The logistics of having to provide notice at least two days in advance can cause a huge logistical nightmare in scheduling and rescheduling due to likely adverse weather conditions, etc.
The burden of notification would apply to anything classified as a pesticide, regardless of its toxicity.
Monitoring is the cornerstone of Integrated Pest Management, with treatment applied most generally when and where necessary. Under advance notification restrictions, these types of visits would be impractical and too often impossible.
Laws & regulations already exist for enforcement of penalties for misapplied pesticides and pesticide drift. Note that the burden & cost of enforcement for this proposed notification law would be on Monroe County’s Health Department & us as taxpayers.

...And studies show there is little or no spray drift from correctly applied pest controls from one property to another.

...And studies show neighbors, pets, etc. rarely are exposed and/or at risk from commercial treatments made to adjoining properties.

.. .Mandatory Neighbor Notification is not supported by NYS DEC, E.P.A. and departments of health, etc.

...If there is to be notification - it should be voluntary for those abutting neighbor desiring prior notification to spray treatments: The Lawn Care Industry is pleased to offer this service.