'Your Tax Dollars Should Not Go to Support This!'
We Need Your Help to Stop Unwarranted Regulations

The Situation:
In 2000, down-state politicians convinced Albany to enact an ill-conceived and needless pesticide notification law, giving each county the option on whether or not to adopt locally. Of the sixty two New York State counties, seven county legislatures caved into falsehood scare tactics by professional anti-pesticide activists, and adopted the law. Moreover, the EPA, NYS DEC and reputable health authorities do not see the need or call for forced mandatory notification! Even from incidental contact, there are no unacceptable adverse health risk effects from properly applied pesticides. Those are the facts, contrary to some current misleading public perceptions about turf & ornamental pest controls. With activists demanding full enforcement, a homeowner treating his or her property must follow a rigidly specific posting notification scheme, and be liable for fines up to $250 for each violation. For commercial applicators, fines up to $25,000 and a year in jail. We need to stop this nonsense from happening! Please call, and / or sign the petition and return to your local legistrator. (Get your friends, family members (18 yrs. and older) to sign, too.
Thank you.

Monroe Co. Citizens for Responsible Environmental Policy
Monroe County - NYS Licensed Commercial Lawn & Tree Applicators

It would be most effective if you’d consider calling (or writing a personal note to) your local Monroe County legislator.

Leave a message stating that you're against Monroe County mandating this forced ‘48 hour Neighbor Notification’ when a pest control treatment is made. Instead you’d like to see a voluntary program as an alternative. The law is unworkable, punitive, and simply not necessary!

Regardless of calling or writing your legislator, please date & sign the enclosed petition and forward it to your legislator by mail. I’ve provided a stamped, addressed envelope for your convenience.
Should you need additional petition copies for anybody you know who would be interested (and is over the age of 18), note that they can be accessed from my web site for you to print out. (http://www.lovearboreal.com) ...Remember, there is power in numbers!

Thank You!!!