Regarding our customer at:

To you, as next door neighbor of our customer: My company may apply pest control (pesticide) treatment(s) to alleviate weed, fungus, and insect infestations in turf and/or ornamental trees and shrubs on their property.
As a courtesy, and should you wish, we will be pleased to attempt to provide you with advanced notification prior to any scheduled pesticide application (if made within 150Õ of your property). All you need to do is return the lower portion of this notification to me, indicating that notification is desired and you will begin receiving prior notification with our next scheduled pest control treatment. Please be advised, that non-pesticide applications will be exempt from this notification service (unless desired due to special circumstances). For further awareness, lawn sign markers will be placed on your neighbor's property to show that a treatment was completed. Should you have any questions or need clarification, please contact me &/or the NYS Lawn Care Association: (585) 494-1466.
Thank You!

Thomas A. Ewart dba
Love Arboreal
PO Box 57
Fairport, NY 14450-0057
(585) 943-3686 (cell)
(585) 288-8576 (fax)

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Neighbor Notification Request for Pest Control Application



(Note: If prior notification is not required by you, no action here is required. Thank you.)

____ Contact me the day prior to any scheduled pesticide (EPA regulated products) treatment. My contact numbers:

phone #; Day: ___________________________

phone #; Evening:____________________________

or, e-mail address (preferred):_________________________________

____ I would prefer if you would simply knock on my door immediately prior to any scheduled treatment to notify me and explain the treatment being applied. (If IÕm not at home, please leave a note in my door regarding the details of the application.)

____ I find it necessary that I be provided with additional data (access to pesticide Label & MSDS copies) regarding the products being applied prior to, or at the conclusion of any scheduled treatment. (Computer web access is required...)

_____ Initial here for your permission to provide the (confidential) information contained on this card to the Monroe County government so that they may monitor the progress of this notification program.