From opting into the Terrible 48 Hr. Neighbor NotificationLaw

Here's the deal!

Legislature will hold hearings sometime in March, and vote in April on proposal to opt-in into the State 48 Hr. Law. Right now we do not have the votes to stop this from happening. The time is now to let legislators know how we feel about this awful legislation. Meanwhile, efforts are underway (as part of our opposition) to get County Executive Maggie Brooks and the 29 county legislators to see the advantages of our Voluntary Adjacent Property Notification program.

But now it is absolutely essential, can't say enough essential, we deluge the Legislators with petitions and calls to vote against 48 Hr. Notification. See sample of petitions/Lawn Medic letter as a guide you may wish to work off of. Important to get customers, employees, family members, suppliers, friends, business associates, family doctor, etc., etc., to call or contact legislative offices and leave word they are against forced mandatory notification. It's unworkable, anti-environment, anti-health, and likely unenforceable. A workable voluntary system would be much better and not cost tax dollars to administer! '

New York State Lawn Care Association and Monroe Lawn & Tree Applicators Ad-hoc Committee plan a general applicators meeting for later this month, or early March, at the latest. You need to come, and we'll let you know about date, time and place.

Finally - we have a chance to turn this unfortunate situation around. Let's give it our all!

Board of Directors
NYS Lawn Care Association and
Monroe Lawn & Tree Applicators
Ad-hoc Committee

February 9,2005